NEWS: Annie has been named the inaugural Communications Fellow at Cantilever

Annie has been named the inaugural Communications Fellow at Cantilever, a website design company known for creating sites with great care and strong and compelling brand identities.  This  opportunity will allow Annie’s work of telling the stories of for-profit companies and non-profit organizations  to expand to larger-scale digital projects from concept to completion.  And an exciting structure in which to collaborate with Cantilever’s talented staff who daily work to make the internet a better place to be for companies from a myriad of sectors.


Making the

Moment Matter



Annie Levy

Annie is sought after for her ability to see the value of a particular moment and create the way – through words, images and experiences – to make it matter.   With experience in both the for profit and non-profit sectors, Annie identifies what the moment calls for and works with clients to bring it to life in a way that naturally engages existing audiences, creates new ones and moves people to action.   She is hired by leaders, organizations and individuals in different sectors to see the gold – what to say, and craft the message – how to say it.  

She and her team have over 15 years of experience in making moments matter –  those in the lives of organizations, endeavors and individuals.   From large scale corporate and non-profit communications projects to assisting leaders with presentations,  writing speeches or tributes, each represents a moment that matters.  Visit “The Projects” to learn more about the different ways in which they have brought each moment to life.

Please contact Annie to discuss the variety of ways in which we can help make your moment matter.







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