1000 Words

The Challenge

Telling the story of Caring Kind’s work with clients with early onset dementia and engage clients in telling their own story in a way that has meaning to them and can communicate who they are to family, friends and the larger community.

CaringKind, NYC

Our Solution

We worked with a group of early stage Alzheimer’s clients in identifying words that had meaning to them and then assisted them in depicting these in photographic images. We  created a way for participants to communicate to themselves, each other and the larger world of friends, family, and the larger world about aspects of their lives which may have previously been unknown or unseen. The group selected the words: Beauty, Perspective, Heart and Sanctuary. The culminating event was a Gallery Exhibit with Annie Levy interviewing the participants, allowing them to share their work and their perspectives with the attendees.

All designed to build on participants’ strengths – the heart of Caring Kind’s message.




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